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ALCHEMICAL RECODING- SELF HEALING CIRCLE - starting on Thursday 12th January 2017 - more info and book
Here at YogaGenie our philosophy is built on working with empowering the body, clearing the mind through yoga and meditation; as well as releasing emotional trauma from all the systems. With regular practice, you will feel truly alive and enjoy living in your body whilst experiencing life with clarity of mind. If you are in a need of emotional healing, or releasing deep trauma from your mind/body, please get in touch as Michaela is a  sought after trauma healer, as well as highly accomplished breath-worker and yoga and meditation teacher.

Michaela Zimanova the owner of YogaGenie

Transformational Breath® Facilitator

Emotional Trauma Healing Expert

Yoga & Meditation Teacher


I can say that the quality of her touch is second to none, her precision outstanding (reflecting her utter mastery of anatomy and physiology!)

-Emma Cole - fellow yoga teacher

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