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Miska studied a variety of yogic disciplines in India, Spain, Mexico and the UK; and continues to study with top experts in the field of yoga science. Miska has a special interest in therapeutic application of yoga, human biomechanics and meditation.


2009 – 200hr level Yoga Teaching Diploma  – Yoga Alliance accredited

2010 – 150hr level Advanced Yoga Teaching Diploma year 1 – Yoga Alliance accredited

2011 – 300hr level Advanced Yoga Teaching Diploma including therapeutic applications year 2 – Yoga Alliance Accredited

 - Member of Yoga Alliance International at the advanced 500hr level


Additional CPD yoga education:


 - A wealth of continuous professional development workshops and intensives with yoga experts such as Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest and Annie Carpenter

 - Currently studying Yoga Anatomy Diploma Course with Lesley Kaminoff, an internationally recognized specialist with thirty four years’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy


Below is Miska’s story about why and how she got to practise and teach yoga


How a Physically Undeveloped Woman Lived Through 28 Years of Physical And Emotional Trauma and how yoga turned her life around forever

Here’s What Happened...

“I was physically an undeveloped and a weak child.  From very early on in my life, it was obvious to my parents that there was something wrong with my legs, especially from the age when i started to walk.  My feet were turned inwards and I couldn’t walk more then just a few feet without tripping over. My feet, knees and hips were misaligned and muscles were weak.  This became worse as I went to school where I experienced emotional suffering on top of the physical, kids can be cruel without meaning to.


On top of that, i was diagnosed with scoliosis.


I hated PE lessons and was really bad at sports.

My parents did what they could to search for the best doctors  in the hope they would straighten my legs and I could walk properly. But going back to my early years…..around the age of 4, I was given painful injections into my legs – daily. I cant remember exactly for how many months I had to endure this but it seemed like forever.  I would spend the days in the nursery almost immobile due to an awful pain in my legs as a result of these injections.


Sadly, the injections didn’t help.  So my mum travelled the country to find a good orthopedic surgeon and finally found someone who instructed me to wear strange leg braces made out of rubber that would turn my legs out – i hated them but wore them. But there had been no change in the way I walked.

And I attended regular physiotherapy sessions – for years, without success.


My parents were disappointed that none of these experts actually knew what was wrong. Not just that, i would experience an increasing number of aches and pains as my immune system couldn’t cope with the frequency and heavy doses of injections and severe stomachaches and spasms followed for about 8 years.  During my late teens, the scoliosis got worse and that was the beginning of backaches.


But still, nothing was as important as to sort my legs out and my mum was always reminding me to walk slowly, mindfully, feel every step and not let my feet turn inwards.  These mindful reminders would start first thing in the morning when I went to school, my mum would watch me from the balcony as i was leaving the house, and as I waved to her, she would make this sign indicating that I must concentrate on my walking.

I became very mindful of my feet, and practiced walking with my feet straight for years. Eventually, that became a habit and I could walk well, although when I was not concentrating, my feet would still turn inwards and legs felt weak.


Then at the age of 19 I left my home country Slovakia and came to the UK. My first years in the UK were very difficult and traumatic (that’s another story) and on top of it I went through a severely dysfunctional 7 year marriage. I became addicted to food, alcohol and other substances and became fearful, neurotic, depressed etc and I hit a rock bottom.


In a helpless situation, I decided to start running, as to defy the years of physical inability and wanted to prove to myself I can get myself out of the situation I was in. After 2 months of running, my knee couldn’t cope anymore. It was damaged from the years of neglect and a lack of proper medical attention and I made it worse by running.  I became immobile, as the pain was so severe I could not walk. I was 27 and due to have a knee operation.


 And this is when things took a sharp and most unexpected turn.


I was on a mission to find a way to heal my knee, that would not involve  surgery.(as the surgeon could not guarantee results) I happened to find yoga classes around the corner. I had heard of yoga before but it all felt a bit mystical and I had no idea what it was all about.  I went to a class. In my first classes I suffered from pain, but then the pain would lessen in intensity. I was hooked and started practicing diligently.


Yoga classes made me feel great, and it was the first time I felt I was actually taking care of myself.

One evening, as I was walking out of a yoga class, I had a real moment of clarity when I felt an immense strength to turn my life around.  That evening, I moved out. I left my husband. That was a pivotal moment in my life as it was the first time I was strong enough to do that. Not just that. The ever present fear that accompanied most of my life was suddenly not there. I kept practicing yoga every day. I became healthier, I stopped self destructive behaviour and became more positive and happier with each day. Addictions felt away as if they were never part of my life.

And I kept experiencing wonderful effects of daily practice, from walking taller, and not hunching my shoulders, to feeling strong and graceful and pain free. Physically and emotionally.  My transformation was rapid. From being neurotic and fearful person, I became calm and more confident.  My legs became strong and realigned and so did my entire body.  I looked like a different person.


I had the strength and confidence to find a well paid job that helped me financially to be independent and started saving money for my yoga teacher training.  The rest is a history.  I knew I wanted nothing less that to become a yoga teacher and give other people an opportunity to experience the power of transformation through yoga.


I have studied yoga in its many forms with some wonderful teachers, masters and yoga experts and I count myself very lucky.

I have been teaching yoga for 5 years, of that just over 3 years full time as YogaGenie. I know and feel deep in my heart that teaching yoga (and not just yoga postures) is what I am here to do.  I established YogaGenie with a mission to improve lives of people in my community and empower them on multiple levels.


I went through 28 very difficult years of my life and the last 7 have been the happiest  years of my life. Yoga transformed my body, my thinking, and showed me how to live a fulfilled and joyful life with a clear purpose. I have done a variety of teacher trainings over the past 5 years and continue to study extensively.  


I am now grateful for all the traumas I went through because without them, I would not be where I am, doing what I love.  Many comment on the way I move and walk – apparently I walk gracefully, floating lightly with a perfect posture. But the real transformation happen deep inside me.


With love and gratitude and special thanks to my amazing fiance John and my mum Emilia for their continuous support and believing in me xxxx


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