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YogaGenie is a community based school of yoga and meditation in Belmont. It was founded by Yogini Miska Zimanova (Advanced Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Advisor), with a sole purpose to empower people physically and mentally, in a supportive environment.


YogaGenie has been bringing vital health, strength, joy and happiness to our community since 2011. Since then many of our yoga clients waved good bye to depression, weakness in body and mind and have been enjoying better strength, health, radiance and vitality with yoga and meditation classes anyone can do safely.


YogaGenie aspires to excellence and we teach yoga to the highest safest possible level.


Our timetable is varied and we love welcoming complete beginners through to seasoned practitioners and also coach yoga teachers in training and offer further development courses and studies for qualified teachers.


Our clients are people of all ages, youngest is 13 and eldest in their 70s (and we hope to increase that age difference even more!)


Our classes are very friendly and people are warm and welcoming.


YogaGenie’s offerings go beyond teaching yoga postures, although physical yoga plays a major part in our classes. Our clients enjoy wholesome combination of:

  • Yoga Postures and Breathwork
  • Concentration and Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Healthy Diet
  • Yoga Science
  • Healing Sound Vibration
  • Yoga Therapeutics for injuries (on one to one basis)


Drawing from a wealth of various yoga traditions and the modern understanding of human anatomy and movement, our classes are always varied, creative, experiential as well as educational.


Our yoga community also enjoys annual yoga retreats and regular workshops and masterclasses.

Join us, you will be made very welcome!

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