YogaGenie Ambassador Program


Share Your Love of Yoga, Help us Transform Lives, and Start Collecting FREE Yoga Classes


Announcing YogaGenie Ambassador Program


Become a YogaGenie Ambassador and start collecting FREE YOGA CLASSES TODAY, it’s easy


STEP ONE –  Tell your friends or loved ones about the special gift they receive when they come to our class through your recommendation -  their 1st yoga class is completely Free!


STEP TWO –  Ask your friend to mention your name when booking their first class


STEP THREE –  Collect yoga class points and enjoy Free yoga classes with your friends and loved ones


What is YogaGenie Ambassador Program?
This fantastic new initiative has been created to spread the word about yoga and its immense health benefits within our community.  YogaGenie’s mission – Healthy Community is a Happy Community!We want people in our community to be healthy, happy, joyful, pain and depression free; we want them to be  part of a supportive, conscious, vibrant and radiant community, empowered and strong.  And mastering the body and the mind through yoga and meditation truly has some fascinating effects on the spirit!  Lets give people the opportunity to experience it!  Lets give our neighbours, friends, relatives and complete strangers the opportunity to transform their lives!  Lets inspire our community!


How does it work?
If you are a regular at YogaGenie, you already know that we aspire to raising standards of yoga teaching, and that our classes, workshops, and  courses are taught to the highest possible level. Every time.  And you have experienced the personal tips, advice and continued personal support as well as the wonderful hands on assisting and adjusting.  You know that by coming to YogaGenie, you will always get the best.  Now TELL Others!


To say Thank you,  You will get to enjoy your classes for free!  
For every 3 people you introduce to YogaGenie, you will receive a FREE CLASS.  Not just that, people you bring will get to try their first class completely FREE.  There is no limit on how many people you can refer.


Here is how to proceed:

  • Think of all the people you think would benefit from joining YogaGenie.  I’m sure you know people who suffer from depression, want to lose weight, tone up and get ready for summer, want to strengthen their back, always feel tired, have poor quality sleep, need to release stress,  or simply find a physical /mental discipline to cultivate perfect health, abundant energy and peaceful mind? Refer them to YogaGenie
  • Tell the person you are referring to mention your full name when booking their first class
  •  Their first class needs to be booked via email –  – they can choose any class on the timetable
  •  You will receive the collection card and start collecting your FREE CLASSES!


All for the GREATER GOOD!
This is a fantastic opportunity with wonderful benefits for everybody!

Yourself you are helping to strengthen our community, providing valuable information to others and helping them find YogaGenie

Community more people become healthy, happy, abundant and empowered;  this is exactly what our society needs! Support and be supported!

YogaGenie with more clients coming to classes, we can create more amazing workshops, events and retreats and invite experts to come and share their wisdom with us!


Terms and Conditions:

Not too many, but please read to avoid any confusion:

  1.  The YogaGenie Ambassador program started on the 15th April 2013. Any previous referrals cannot be accounted for within the program.
  2. Collected free class/classes – you must use them within 2 calendar months

Now go spread the word and start enjoying yoga for FREE!

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