Beginners Course – 6 week course

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NEXT EVENING BEGINNERS COURSE STARTS ON MONDAY 21st APRIL 2014 – 3 classes of the course fall on Bank Holiday Mondays.  Therefore, if you are unable to make it on those days due to being away, you will receive credits towards replacement classes, so you do not lose those sessions.

We are now accepting bookings for both courses. Please note, these courses are very popular and tend to fill up very quickly. Please book your place in advance.


                • Start of the course -21st April 2014
                • Duration – 6 weekly sessions (each class is 90mins long)
                • Days – Mondays 
                • Times - 18:45 – 20:15
                • Venue – 63 Downs road, SM2 5NR
                • Parking – street parking available, free after 6.30pm
                • All equipment is provided but you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat/blanket
                • Contribution – £70 per whole course, plus £2.67 Paypal charge, you can also send us a cheque of pay cash – please email to request
                • immediately reserve your place by making payment here

            • Start of the course – 16th April  2014
            • Duration – 6 weekly sessions (each class is 75 mins long)
            • Days – Wednesdays
            • Times – 11am – 12:15pm
            • Venue – Chatsworth Studio, 60 Upper Mulgrave road, Cheam, SM2 7AJ
            • Parking – street parking available free for 2 hours
            • Yoga mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat/blanket
            • Contribution – £60 per whole course, plus £2.32 PayPal charge, you can also send us a cheque or pay cash
            • purchase the course here



Please note, this course is very popular and places get booked up very fast,  you are advised to book your place as soon as you can. Once all the places have gone, booking system will be closed until the next course takes place.

Some people love this course so much they repeat it frequently!


Yoga is the perfect physical and mental discipline that empowers regular practitioners to cultivate perfect health; lose excess weight, tone up and to keep the endorphins in plentiful supply for our well-being and happiness.  Yogis live longer, joyful lives, and stress less! Yoga also tackles depression! Not to mention that with regular practice, aches and pains are greatly reduced and we enjoy youthfulness and positivity regardless of our age or limitations.
So if you are ready to enjoy healthier and happier body and mind and manifest positivity, youthful energy and abundance, join our Beginners Foundation course and embark on your personal yogic journey to help you move beyond the boundaries of your physical body and in your life.  
Our Beginners Course is Excellent for:
  • complete Beginners
  • people coming back to yoga after a long period of inactivity
  • people wishing to lose weight, and tone up
  • sports people with overused and tight muscles runners,golf players, tennis players, footballers, climbers, swimmers
  • people with stiff shoulders,hamstrings, neck and hips
  • people with tight backs
  • people recovering from sport related injuries or those wishing to use yoga as an injury prevention tool
  • people suffering from stress and anxiety
  • definitely a must for office workers
  • people wishing to get fit at a comfortable pace
  • those wishing to cultivate a peaceful mind, whilst taking best care of the body
  • everyone who wants to enjoy the enormous physical and mental benefits of yoga practice. All are welcome to this course.
  • people who have endured emotional stress and are in need of nurturing
  • people who want to get to love their bodies and live happily in their skin
”Since joining YogaGenie in February my mobility has improved 10 fold. I have herniated disks and generally abused my body with weights and running my own building business. At the age of 42 I could no longer wash my feet, dry and and put on socks or do up shoe laces. But now after some 15 lessons I am amazed at the difference. Cant say enough good about the course, and Miska, the teacher is very thorough and always keeping an eye on all students and advising them which moves / postures to make and not make. Give it a go! ”  Nathan Tidy
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