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All levels are welcome to this summer class.This is a 6 week summer course and runs on Wednesday evenings 18:45 – 20:15
Start of the course is 20th July and the last class takes place on 24th August.


In this beautifully arrange inspirational class, you will learn a range of practices for your welllbeing such as


- breathing techniques (pranayama)

- variations of Sun Salutations and beautiful flowing sequences

- have an opportunity to progress in your practice and learn new postures and stregthen your core muscles

-  learn how to work with and tap into your own energy and learn energetic locks, and energy seals that send reflexes to the brain and the whole system

- energy building ecstatic movement

- learn meditation techniques

- deepen your experience and understanding of yoga

- experience and enjoy freedom of movement

- reduce and release tightness from the body that will result in enjoying living in your body more


Cost  – £70 (paypal admin fee is £2.67)


- Please paypal £72.67 to

- or make a bank transfer (email for transfer details)

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