Evening of Yoga, Meditation & Gong Bath

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You are invited to this beautiful soulful evening of yoga, meditation and gong bath. Suitable for all levels of experience, even no experience. Our special evenings, such as this one, take place 2 – 3 times a year and have become very popular amongst yoga and meditation practitioners as well as those who enjoy the healing effects of a full gong bath.

Please read below for further information to help you make this event the most enjoyable experience.

– We have some yoga mats and blankets available, but please do bring your own if you have one.

– You will be laying down during the gong bath and your body temperature will drop slightly, so bring a blanket or a comfy jumper to keep comfortable. (some people even bring sleeping bags and pillows!)

– Comfortable clothing is recommended to allow for unlimited movement during the yoga class. The yoga class will consist of classic sun salutations and basic yoga postures, and experienced yogis will have an opportunity to explore postures deeper.

– The entire evening is suitable for all levels of experience, including no experience. You are invited to honour your body and intuition during the evening, so you are encouraged to take breaks from physical practice as and when you need to.

– Herbal teas and fruit will be provided and there is no extra charge for this.

We kindly ask that:

- you take your shoes off before entering the practice hall

- please arrive in good time, to settle, prepare and have few moments to yourself with a nice cup of tea before the event begins


- Street parking is available and free after 6.30pm, however, during popular events, such as this one, parking can be limited due to the numbers of people attending. You are advised to arrive with enough time to spare to find your parking spot. In the event of all car parking spaces being used, there is more parking in Belmont village – which is less than 3 minutes walk away.


- £25 (earners, employed, self employed)

- £20 – Concessions (retired, unemployed, full time students – please bring a proof)
Get your ticket:

 - in your next class

- or send us a cheque (email info@yogagenie.co.uk for instructions)

 - or via paypal :

£25 ticket (please note, paypal fee of £1.09 added)

£20 ticket (please note, paypal fee of £0.91 added)

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