Deconstructing Sun Salutation for safe and effective practice

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Sun Salutation


Sun Salutations are practised in almost every yoga class. If you practice any style of hatha yoga (vinyasa, astanga, power yoga, classic hatha), you most likely practise sun salutations. As beautiful a sequence as it is, it is also highly complex! Anatomy and biomechanics, our tensile restrictions, injuries, correct alignment, proper breathing, proper use of locks (bandhas) and of course a yogic mind-set will play their part. This workshop will help you understand how to practise Sun Salutations safely, mindfully and with heightened awareness, whilst aware of your body’s needs, limitations as well as opportunities to deepen, fine tune and improve your practice. Improving your salutations practice will help you with many other postures, since many share the same principles!! This hands on interactive workshop is invaluable for practitioners of all levels; beginners, improvers, advanced students and yoga teachers. We will deconstruct Classic as well as Vinyasa style Sun Salutations.


~ Introduction/History and Purpose
~ Breakdown of Correct alignment for each pose
(A lot of attention paid to postures such as chaturanga, plank, downdog, forward bend updog, and cobra)
~ Adapting Salutations to your body type and injuries
~ Mindful Transitioning/Body mechanics
~ Breath & Locks in sequencing
~ Safety, Common mistakes & Injuries and how to avoid them
~ Questions & Answers
~ Finished with Mindful Salutation Flow to seal the session and Sun Meditation

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