Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By attending YogaGenie classes, workshops and events, you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions.

1. Conduct & Timeliness

Please arrive in good time to purchase your class, sign in and prepare for the class. You must be ready and on your mat at least 5 minutes before your class starts.  If you can avoid it, please do not arrive late.  If you must be late, please do not enter if the class is meditating, but wait until the meditation is finished and then enter quietly. Avoid disturbing fellow students.

All mobile phones and similar devices MUST BE SWITCHED OFF during the classes.

2. Special offers & Discounts

If you have been offered a discount or are using a coupon with special offer, you can not use it in conjunction with any other offer available at the time or anytime afterwards, unless the offer is explicitly available to existing students.

No other discounts can be offered than those available. We regret that late payments can not be considered.  You are requested to have a valid pass when you attend every class or pay for your class before it starts.

Please note that our special offers and discounts are only valid as indicated.  Missed / unused classes can  not be refunded.

3.  Schedule & Prices

Schedule and prices are subject to change.

4.  Class cancellations

Occasionally, there may be a  need to cancel a class.  YogaGenie reserves the right to cancel classes without prior notice.

5. Refunds General

Memberships and block payments for courses, are non- transferable and non-returnable.  You are responsible for attending the classes you paid for.  Refunds will not be made for any classes missed.  Nor will there be extra classes offered in lieu.

6.  Refunds – Courses and Workshops

All courses including our Beginners Courses, and workshops must be purchased in advance.  Refunds are offered up to 30 days before a course/workshop starts. Once a course has begun, and you have missed any classes of the course, these will not be refunded, as there has not been enough time to offer your place to another student. Please note that this is our strict policy.

If you have signed up for a workshop and are unable to attend, you will get a full refund up to 30 days prior to the workshop date. There will be no refunds offered less than 30 days before the event, unless another student fills your place.

7. Using our website

By browsing and using YogaGenie website, you agree not to copy or download any part of it without a written consent from us.  This includes any pictures, texts, logos and artwork, as well as ideas, concepts and know-hows. You agree not to reproduce or distribute content on our site to another site without our written permission.

8. Liability (material)

YogaGenie (including all its teachers) is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings while you attend classes.

9. Liability (personal)

YogaGenie’s owner and teacher/s are fully qualified and experienced experts in their field. Please note that you are responsible for following the instructions during the classes. YogaGenie and its teacher/s are not responsible for any personal injury. By attending YogaGenie classes, you agree to voluntarily participate in these classes with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death. You agree, that neither yourself, your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any claims of any kind against YogaGenie’s owner or teachers for any personal property damage/loss, injury, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. If you are not sure whether yoga classes are suitable for you, please seek advise of your GP. If you suffer from a chronic condition or have an injury, you should seek your GP’s permission to attend our classes.  Please note : yoga teachers have not had any medical training and therefore can not offer such advice. If you would like further clarification on any of the above, please contact YogaGenie by emailing – info@yogagenie.co.uk

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