I attended Miska’s 6 weeks beginners class as I wanted to distress. As a guy, in what I thought wrongly was a women’s domain, I was apprehensive of what to expect. However, as soon as I entered the room to my first lesson I was made most welcome. Not only did Miska ask if I had any injuries and reasons for doing the course but she remembered and tailored some of the exercises to accommodate my dodgy knee. I would recommend Miska for anyone wanting to start the journey into yoga. In fact I have already.
Miska’s classes are always beautifully arranged providing a challenging, rewarding and joyful practice. She is attentive offering advice and assistance to enable her students gain a deeper experience and understanding of yoga. Her passion for yoga and her yoga teaching is inspirational. I’ve been practicing yoga for some 15 years and enjoy every minute of Miska’s classes. I always leave her class relaxed, and full of energy.
Anthony J
Great experience! Went to 2 hourSaturday Intermediate flow class. Not yr usual yoga class. Miska is friendly, open and very approachable, the yoga being taught was seamlessly flowing and creative, with elements of workshop with Miska attending to each person individually, offering advice and assistance. Beautifully led Meditation at the end of the class left me feeling very peaceful and awake afterwards. Highly recommended!
I started yoga beginners wanting to learn some basic yoga and relaxation techniques. I have really enjoyed the course, the people are friendly the venue is nice and I feel I have started to learn the first steps of yoga and I have really enjoyed the breathing techniques. The classes are varied and gradually we have learnt a little more each week, the teacher is kind and encouraging, and I hope to continue on.
I attended YogaGenie after searching for classes on the web. I wanted a class that would be a great body workout. The vinyasa flow yoga classes are exactly what i was looking for! The instructor Miska is extremely knowledgeable and engaging and the class certainly gave me a good workout. I am very inflexible and at the end of the class Miska showed me exercise and stretches I can do at home. After three weeks of attending the classes and stretching at home my flexibility has dramatically improved. I would recommend YogaGenie classes to everyone.
YogaGenie offers something unique for the yoga community in this area. There are a variety of styles offered at the venue for students of different ability. I am especially fond of the vinyasa classes, funky, strong and energised. Miska is very knowledgable and her love of yoga and meditation comes across in her teaching. She has a gentle, encouraging manner and her instructions are superb. Each class is unique, and there is always meditation and a deep relaxation at the end, leaving you feeling grounded. Miska takes time to explain and answer questions regarding postures or yogic breathing or simply regarding yoga! I have found her teachings help me deepen my yoga practice. I highly recommend YogaGenie.
H Tan
The most inspiring yoga teacher I\'ve ever had. Highly recommend to anyone wanting improve their wellbeing.
Having suffered from sciatica for years and with two worn vertebra my back was stiff as a board and I was in constant pain. I first had two private lessons with Miska to assess my back and its lack of flexibility and then went on to her beginners course which I did several times. The yoga was gentle and structured and the stretching of my back and taut muscles slowly became enjoyable rather than a painful chore. My persistent backache was massaged and eased by the twists we did and began to loosen and flex. As my back started to ease I began to go to Miskas Thursday class which is still gentle and covers the basic yoga poses, at first I was horrified and frustrated by my inability to do what others in the class could do easily and the wholesale neglect of my body was all too evident. However I stuck with it and it did not take long for the muscles in my back to start to work how they should. I found my posture improved and the constant pain in my back went away! I have found many positives from doing yoga, my breathing is improved and I now no longer get several bouts of bronchitis in the winter and stress insomnia is no longer an issue on the days I do yoga as it really stills the mind and I find I sleep like the dead on those days. Now after a year of yoga I also go to the Vinyasa flow class and though I may not be that good ( touching my toes in a forward bend is still but a dream ) I come away from the classes feeling both mentally and physically better. Miska is an excellent and inspirational teacher with the right mixture of gentle patience and push to make you believe in yourself and what you can achieve. I am now a complete yoga convert and cannot recommend her highly enough. Miska my back thanks you
Melanie Swift
I am a 70 year old retired athlete having competed at a high level in may parts of the world, forced to retire in 1995 with osteoarthritis in my knees. Since ceasing to run I became very immobile and out of shape. My wife (also an athlete) started yoga practice with Miska in December last year after a recommendation from a good friend. Miska has changed our life. She is bringing new energy, new zest for life and above all confidence in our minds that our bodies are still capable to enjoy life! She is attentive and so so knowledgeable; she is so aware of the body and its functions and the interplay between all the areas. She will undoubtedly bring such happiness and fulfilment to everybody she teaches and coaches.
Dr Brian Kolbe & Mrs Audrey Kolbe
Hi Miska,I just wanted to thank you sooo much for an amazing class this evening. I felt it was a really pivotal point for me on my journey. Under your guidance I felt very safe and somehow ready now to embrace what I feel and believe is right for me and start truly taking small but vital steps to get not just back to where I was but better than I\'ve ever been before. Thank you xx
Wendy C
YogaGenie\'s meditation and science course has come at just the right time... like all the best things do. Miska\'s approach to each class is refreshing and all of the topics that are covered are intriguing while allowing for group discussions about a whole range of amazing things about the world! Each class is filled with great tips which really help in getting me to sit down for my practice on my own.. as this is what i struggle with the most.. thank you so much
Charley Allen
Miska is more than your average yoga teacher. In Miska’s classes you get something very special in the way of ‘hands on assists’. Her physical adjustments are stunning in sensitivity and accuracy. As a yoga teacher myself, I can say that the quality of her touch is second to none, her precision outstanding (reflecting her utter mastery of anatomy and physiology!), and her intuitive, energetic connection with the student she is adjusting, instinctively delicious! She knows just how far to take you without putting you at risk. In terms of hands on assists, she is competence personified! The placement and depth in my own yoga practice has flourished through receiving Miska’s expert adjustments. This is just one of the many gifts that she gives me as a teacher. Thank you Miska!
Emma Cole - fellow yoga teacher
I have just finished the Beginners Course at YogaGenie. At first I found the classes a bit challenging, but now I also attend drop in classes, and feel far more flexible and Calmer in myself. Miska is a lovely teacher, very kind and caring and i would highly recommend chatting to her if you are interested in Yoga. As a 17 stone lump of unhealthy man i was slightly concerned i may feel out of place in Class, but this could not be further from the truth. I was pleasantly surprised to find there were a good number of men in the Beginners course, and that everyone was very welcoming. I can heartily recommend YogaGenie to anyone who wants to feel De-Stressed, ache less, and get into shape without hurting themselves.
Darren Smith
Since joining YogaGenie in February my mobility has improved 10 fold. I have herniated disks and generally abused my body with weights and running my own building business. At the age of 42 I could no longer wash my feet, dry and and put on socks or do up shoe laces. But now after some 15 lessions I am amazed at the difference. Cant say enough good about the course, and Miska, the teacher is very thorough and always keeping an eye on all students and advising them which moves / postures to make and not make. Give it a go!
Nathan Tidy
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